Jesus In My Life



Hillary Clinton is a good woman and qualified for the office of the Governor of a state.

Please I have said it that the American people should be very careful so that they don’t make the mistake they made in chosen His Excellency Obama Barack as The President of United States of America. Senator Hillary Clinton was the first First Lady to defile the White House with her Trousers, dressing like a man in the White House which is not supposed to be so. Every First Lady is supposed to be an example to other women and good mother. God said let everything be done decently and in order. Hillary Clinton is spiritually not qualify to be in the White House. Please USA should be very careful and put a credible and faithful person in the White House. Please brothers and sisters I love His Excellency Bill Clinton and the family so much but we don’t have to be sentimental about the issue of Presidency and the White House. God and the Son Jesus Christ will put the right person in the White House. Glory be to God. Jesus


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