Jesus In My Life = Great Testimony 25th January 2023

Beloved in Christ God bless you and your family. Beloved friend remember we are concluding the Fasting and Prayers for everlasting peace in Nigeria in Enugu and Imo state on 30th January 2023 and am now in IMO state on a mountain owned and managed by SU Nigeria. Beloved please after my midnight prayers and I was by the window side of the top gallery of the convention hall meditating. Beloved friend please the hall was being used by a church for a two day program and the preacher gave this great testimony during his sermon: The story= “That a young man that is very very good in keyboard/piano came to him and told him the problems he was having and the young man said to him, he has reached the end of the road that is why I come to you, man of God. Then the Preacher said to him go and fast and pray for forty day and night. Please read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation within the forty day and night and the preacher gave the young man prayers to pray throughout the period. Please the young man did what the preacher asked him to do and afterwards came to the preacher and the preacher had about one hour prayers with the young man and asked him to go home that the gate of heaven is opened for him. And the young man went home rejoicing and rejoicing in the Lord. Amen. Beloved friend please three months later the young man in a Sunday service in his church that is always in a five star hotel in Lagos state of Nigeria was playing the keyboard/piano during the Sunday service, the job he knows best, and in the hotel there was a USA evangelist and the wife that visited Nigeria. This evangelist was moved with the sweet melody from the keyboard/piano and said to the wife do you remember that we are looking for a good keyboardist for our new church. The wife said, yes! He said am so much happy with the music from the church. The USA evangelist and the wife went to the hall to attend the church and after the church service they took the young man details. Afterwards they went to the pastor of the church for official release of the young man to him the evangelist. The pastor of the church said to the evangelist that the young man is good but there is somebody that is behind the scene that is better than the young man. Please I will recommend that person to you and he will serve you well. The USA evangelist said please I need this young man that I have seen on the keyboard playing instead the of the one I don’t know. The Pastor further said the young man has ten children and the wife is pregnant and he is faced with problems. The USA evangelist said please I will take of his ten children and the wife and I will fix all his problems, just approve the release of the young man for me.” End of story.
Beloved friend please the power of fasting and prayers and the power in the word of God. Beloved please God Almighty has given us great peace, everlasting peace in Nigeria most especially in the 2023 Nigerian general election and national population census. Beloved a New Nigeria, a New Lawmakers with a heart of love and New Nigeria leaders with a heart love. Most especially a new civil service with the love of God. Glory be to God. Amen. Beloved friend please always pray: God Almighty please don’t allow the devil to take away or stop the blessing of God upon my life and my family. In Jesus name. Amen. God be with you and your family. Amen. Bishop Oliver Onyeoziri = Jesus Christ Is The Lord!


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